The global outburst of the COVID 19 pandemic has caused widespread fear and people are on the lookout for best safety measures. So here comes the hand sanitizer in the picture. Now ubiquitous, sanitizer is enough to kill those disease-causing viruses and makes your hands feel clean and fresh.
However, applying frantically and way too fast will not work out. Rather, squirt a dime-size quantity on your palms, spread evenly across the surface of both hands, fingers, and fingernails and rub your palms together till it is completely absorbed.
All brands claim to eliminate bacteria and germs 99.9% but you need to do your research while buying a sanitizer. It’s always better to buy this essential online as some local vendors are doing black marketing and selling higher than MRP. These three tips might help you to buy the best and the most effective sanitizer.

Avail free shipping:

You know that the demand is going to increase in the future. So why not store it in bulk and avail free shipping at the same time before it flew off the shelves.

Quantity versus price:

Costly does not always mean good quality and so is the case of sanitizer. You can get a major variety of cost-effective options online. When you sort the list from low to high, do check the price per ml quantity as it would give you the exact idea of price.

Alcohol content:

Experts suggest that an effective sanitizer must contain alcohol-based versions of ethanol, ethyl alcohol, isopropanol, or any other variations. Make sure that alcohol concentration is at least 60%. Less than that would not do the needful. Check out more about this on Cosmetics Arena.

The sanitizer has made quite a splash during this time of covid pandemic. A good sanitizer acts as the first line of defense against viruses and bacteria. Follow the above tips to buy a sanitizer and stay safe every time, everywhere.

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