Dubai is a place where you can find every amenities found in the world. Considered as the most modern place in the world, the people who visit this place often plan to start a living here and try to look forward to buying apartments or villas for sale in Dubai for their family.

When it comes to fulfilling their cravings for good literature, whether it be the new bestseller or a vintage read, Dubai’s bookworms are overwhelmed with options. Book lovers will discover any and almost every book they are searching for in huge book stores with wall-to-wall page-turners to secret secondhand shops overflowing with rare books. We have listed the top 5 book stores in Dubai that will cater to your reading needs.


In 1975, Magrudy’s, a family-run company, started operating in Dubai and since then has developed a loyal customer base who have made a purchase around for years, as well as new customers who enjoy the professional workers and the fantastic books on sale.

While their original source to earn was children’s books, toys, and school supplies, but now Magrudy’s has grown into something other than a shop, taking an active role in community life by partnering up with local schools to inspire locals as well as foreign readers to learn. They often host book clubs that welcome writers to sign books.

Taking into consideration the regional community’s needs, their excellent collection of books (which has grown from children’s books to a diverse variety of literature) is facilitated by a wide range of toys, games, stationery, and materials for everybody to enjoy.


A large 68,000 sq ft store at the DubaiMall filled with more than half a million books and thousands of magazines in many languages, this Japanese book king with shops in several countries around the world is one of the leading book stores in Dubai.

They are host to books on virtually every subject that you can think of. Kinokuniya can bring the core of any literature enthusiast spinning with delight. Their portion of Japanese literature includes several new works, graphic books, and authors for newcomers.

They also host book signings, comic shows, and language learning seminars from time to time in the context of a larger outreach program. The only drawback is that it is so vast that the collections available will take hours to search.

Book World

Book World is one of the most well-kept secrets of the region, discreetly placed into one side of Satwa. Do not be misled by its place; the shop is crowded with literature wonders in floor-to-ceiling racks. The books available here range from brand new to quite old ones and are priced accordingly. In this book store, you can get books from as low as 7 Dirhams, and it is also a place where you can exchange books brought from here with a 50% refund.

House of Prose

Owned by Mike McGinley, a 65-year-old American, the stories surrounding this famous second-hand bookstore are as interesting as some of its collections. Completing more than two decades in the region, this store provides the greatest advantage in the form of low prices and range of books.

The shop hosts a number of books including cooking guides, sci-fi novels, fantasy stories, and many more. The shop also has a purchase-back program where returning books are purchased back at a discount of 50 per cent. At this store, you can get books from as low as 3 Dirhams.

Book ‘n’ Bean

This cosy little shop is surprisingly situated inside a large hardware store.  Providing a moderately sized array of books, Book ‘n’ bean additionally provides a coffee shop with free Wi-Fi where you can chill, enjoy a drink and focus on the book you’d like to purchase next.

Books are organized alphabetically with the name of the author and most of them are very well maintained. You win a reward card on any buy, be it a cup of coffee or a book. You get 50% of the selling price when you return second-hand books in a decent state, bought from the store.

The aforementioned places can get you some really nice books if you are looking for some books to read in your spare time. People who are trying to settle in Dubai for a peaceful ambience can opt to live in Bulgari Residences Dubai to enjoy the unique and peaceful ambience that this place hosts.

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