Irish name s – Ireland’s domain name

General overview – IEDR

The country code top level domain (ccTLD) for Ireland is .ie. This ccTLD is managed by a not for profit organization in Dublin, Ireland know because the “Irish Domain Registry” or IEDR. The IEDR isn’t a regulatory body and provides the service to the general public and internet community. The registry is liable for the supply of IE names and therefore the rules concerning their registration. The IEDR implements a dispute resolution policy for domains through the WIPO and in contrast to other registries operates Monday to Friday during business hours.

Requirements to register

The IE domain itself may be a restricted domain therein only applicants who meet certain criteria may register this name. the 2 main requirements are: Being based in Ireland or having a robust link to eire (both northern and southern Ireland). Where the applicant isn’t based in Ireland information showing this connection must be provided. Secondly the entity registering the domain must have a connection to the name and where this connection isn’t obvious, must provide evidence of this connection.

Resellers and registration process

Domains are registered through approved domain resellers and are passed to the domain registry directly for approval. The approval process is administered by a team of individuals referred to as IEDR Hostmasters. it’s their responsibility to make sure the registration requirements are adhered to. Communication is passed to the approved reseller within the case where more information is required. This thorough process of vetting has led to both positive and negative effects on the domain name’s reputation.

Positive and negative aspects to the domain

On the positive side the domain was recently voted the second safest domain within the world after the Finnish ccTLD. Generally speaking IE domains are held in high regard by Irish based internet surfers. it’s seen as a mark of quality or authenticity when doing business online and as a result .ie based websites are trusted over their .com cousins. Very rarely are large spam attacks initiated through an IE domain and therefore the rate of hacks and other internet attacks from IE hostnames is sort of low.

The price of .ie domain names are above the typical TLD or ccTLD, but this price has been significantly reduced over the past 2 years, from a mean of around  Whatsapp DP

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