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Some Amazing Facts AboutPink Diamonds

Pink diamonds are the most sought after gemstones available at present in the globe. It is the most preferred investment avenue for investors. You may have already seen some of the steepest prices of some much-opinionated pieces in the auction journals globally. Being the alternative sector of investments pink diamonds are getting its popularity amongst the investors. But, before you invest in this segment your money, needs to be aware of somepink diamond facts which will help you to get the desired return on your investment.

  • The Argyle mines in Western Australia are sourcing the world’s 90 percent pink diamond supply which is owned by Rio Tinto. Due to its scarcity and elegance, these diamonds are getting rare of the rarest in the globe.
  • The most surprising fact about these pink diamonds is that there are only 1 percent pink diamonds are presentable to the customers at the exclusive auction, out of 1 million of rough diamonds extraction.
  • It is the historical fact that pink diamonds were found in Brazil, Africa, and India. Famous cut those diamonds are still graced in the royal crowns of France, Iran and Indian along with other jewels.
  • There are the most well-known diamond mines in South Africa, Kimberley is top of them. In Kimberley pipe, we are getting most of the diamonds available in the world. But in Western Australia’s Argyle’s volcanic lamproite pipe, we are getting the world’s most demanded pink diamonds on a large scale.
  • The diamonds that are getting from the Argyle mine are having complex structures. The white diamonds are having more simple structures than pink diamonds.
  • The recent day’s diamonds scanning for identifying the imperfections and inclusions gemologists are using a 3D scanning process. The modern technology is helping the diamond surgeons to minimize the wastage while cutting it to get more clarity and fancy look. Due to the complex structure of pink diamonds, the cutting process may take a long time than the normal diamonds available. Even if it may take a week to make it perfect. Say, for example, the Steinmetz Pink diamond needs almost 20 weeks while it is at the cutting process.
  • Regarding pink diamonds, various societies around the globe appear to want changed characteristics in their stones. The Japanese incline toward shades that copy those of cherry blooms, while the Chinese lean toward more profound and bolder shades watching out for red as images of favorable luck.
  • While Rio Tinto won’t disclose the costs paid for the stones at the delicate, they will affirm that costs have expanded significantly from the time the delicate was first organized.
  • It’s pink diamonds that are exceedingly uncommon, yet red diamonds too. Similar to the case with pink diamonds, the Argyle mine is one of only a handful couple of wellsprings of the looked for after pearl. There are fewer than 40 known red diamonds in the whole world.
  • Less than 1% of the Argyle mine’s extractions are pink diamonds, indeed, 80 percent are wonderful brown colored diamonds. Of the all-out precious stone yield, just 5 percent are viewed as jewelry quality.

Even though the Argyle mine is relied upon to stay open until 2020, there are no other current predictable wellsprings of value pink diamonds. It is additionally assessed that solitary another 500 diamond quality pinks stay to be found.